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The first scientific week in dentistry

Lectures on the first day of the scientific week in dentistry

د. مازن زيناتي

Prof . Mazen Zinati (Damascus)

Concepts and terms in implantology Knowing the parts of the dental implant and the instrument, tools, and accessories that need to be known before starting the implant procedures

Prof Diego Lops (Italy)

surgical rules to achieve success in esthetic areas Basic rules that should be applied during implant procedures in the anterior region. This should be applied with caution because the anterior area is considered critical for its aesthetic significance

Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Al-Mushrif (Aleppo)

Immediately implant and prosthodontic Immediate prosthesis (its physiological mechanism, effect on osseointegration, cosmetic properties, and its psychological effects on the patient)

Prof. Muhammad Sabaa Al-Arab (Hama)

Bone grafting in dental implant Types of bone grafts used in dental implants, how they are transformed into real bone, and techniques for their application

Prof. Dr. Hassan Jaafou (Damascus)

Dental implants: shape &surfaces surface Modifications of dental implants and various forms between the companies (the pros and cons - Indications and Contra-Indications

Prof. Jamal Dabbas (Aleppo)

Basic in osseointegration The concept of osseointegration and the physiological transformation of an implant from a foreign to biological

Participants in the Scientific Week in Dentistry

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