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The first scientific week in dentistry

Lectures on the Second day of the scientific week in dentistry

د. مازن زيناتي

Prof . Mazen Zinati (Damascus)

Indications &Contraindications for implantation Determine the success and failure factors of dental implants that influence in implant procedures

Dr. Muhammad Bilal Ismail (Damascus)

Surgical guide from past to present Dental implants are considered a widespread treatment option at the present time .. Since ancient times, the challenge has been towards placing the implants in the optimum anatomically and functionally. From this need arose the idea of the surgical guide, and with the development of digital techniques and radiographic techniques, especially for tomography with CBCT three-dimensional, diagnostic methods became better, and the methods and tools for manufacturing surgical evidence developed, which contributed to achieve a greater success rate and a higher quality of treatment using dental implants. . In this lecture, we will review the development of surgical guide and the latest developments in computer-guided dental implants.

Dr. Tariq Abu Ajwa (Hama)

Treatment plan in dental implant The clinician's comprehensive Overview of the treatment plan from beginning to end to reach the best results

Dr. Fawaz Jaber (Hama)

Sinus lift for immediate implant placement: case reports The techniques of maxillary sinus lift (open window technique and osteotomy technique) in terms of indications, method of application and results

Prof. Muhammad Al-Hafiz (Hama)

Success factors of implant-supported prostheses Choosing the proper prosthesis for the case and identifying the types of prosthodontics that can be fabricated over the dental implants

Prof. Muhammad Mahmoud Shaker (Aleppo)

Implant-supported removable prostheses options The amount of improvement in the masticatory efficiency in all types of removable overdenture prosthodontics (conventional, root-supported, and implant-supported). Methods for optimal selection of attachments used in removable prosthodontics according to the number of implants and their distribution on the dental arch

Prof. Diego Lops (Italy)

Soft tissues management around implants in esthetic areas Maintain and compensation techniques for soft tissues in the anterior region and their aesthetic and psychological importance for the patient

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