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The first scientific week in dentistry

Lectures on the Third day of the scientific week in dentistry

Dr. Jihad Khirfan ( Hamah)

Use of different methods in dental implant in patients with atrophic alveolar Management of severe alveolar bone resorption using many surgical techniques to reconstruct the alveolar ridge

Dr. Yaman Shomel ( Hamah )

Dental implant systems between past and present Dental implants evolvement from Brennmark implant to the present day in terms of design and added features

Dr. Muhammad Shuwaihene (Aleppo)

Basics of implantology Principles of dental implant procedures, identification of traditional surgical steps, and the basics to be followed for the success of dental implant

Professor Diego Lopes (Italy)

prosthetic rules to achieve success in esthetic areas The use of new designs for optimal use to obtain aesthetical results in the anterior area

Dr. Adel Salah Mahairy (Aleppo)

The digital radiography in dental implantology (Accurate diagnosis & therapeutically applications) Identify the different radiographs (periapical, panoramic, and cone beam) and their use in the diagnosis and treatment plan

Participants in the Scientific Week in Dentistry

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