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The first scientific week in dentistry

Lectures on the Forth day of the scientific week in dentistry

Professor . Muhammad Ahmad Ghraywati (Aleppo)

Digital Implantology, The development of digital implant techniques and the investment of modern digital technologies in the dental implant process

Dr. Muhammad Zafer Dalal (Aleppo)

Dental implant morphology, Knowing the different materials and designs of dental implants, surface modifying, and the effect of its geometry on their indications and application technology.

Dr. Wasim Hamami (Aleppo)

PRF application in implantology , Identify the membranes rich in platelets (types, indications, methods of obtaining and application)

Dr. Abd al-Rahman Salqini (Aleppo)

Piezo surgery in dental implantology , Learn about the osteotomy device (its history, parts, development, indications and optimal use methods)

Dr. Adel Salah Mahairy (Aleppo)

The digital radiography in dental implantology (Accurate diagnosis & therapeutically applications) p2

Participants in the Scientific Week in Dentistry

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